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Homeopathy helps with:

Homeopathy looks at the whole person with the clear understanding that our mental and emotional complaints are inevitably interconnected to our physiology. We all know from an experience that, when we are anxious our heart palpitates, we feel in our stomach, we sense with our skin, and our breath is like a barometer for any change in our emotion state.

Our mind is a mind field and we barely have time, space or any skills to explore it in a healthy way; we either dive into it and over analyse ourselves until we end up spinning in circles, or we ignore the signals of stress and mental instability and by the time we come to face our reality, things have often gone way too far for our liking. When our symptoms and feelings are supressed and pushed out of awareness, we get to the point where there is no learning available, and no way out of the vicious circle.

Healing with homeopathy allows the organism to go with its own paste, capabilities and capacity in the given moment. Healing comes from within and it is deep and lasting. 

Homeopathy is most helpful in getting  through, rather than simply getting over, and round. Homeopathy stimulates the organism to self healing and in doing so, our immune system becomes stronger.

Homeopathy gives us the freedom to get in touch with and express our creativity; one could never predict where healing with homeopathy would take the person. Homeopathy helps people restore the healthy equilibrium and therefore it acts on both, mental and physical conditions. 

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