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Villy Tichkova

The Short Story 

Growing up without a television I danced, read stories and poetry and dreamt of becoming a writer. I was eight years old when the communism ended in Bulgaria. 

In my early twenties, I emigrated alone to the UK. I first worked in a fish factory on the Outer Hebrides, then acquired a BSc in Psychology in England, nannied for eighteen years, studied homeopathy, became British, recently graduated with a MA in Creative Writing for Young People at Bath spa, and all the while, I danced.

Two years ago I embarked on an Open Floor Teacher training.

I live in Bath with tree westies and dance is my choice of therapy. 



The Long Story 

In my studies of psychology the image of dual states and the rejection of the 'Otherness’ of the human condition troubled me. I searched for a way to allow for juxtaposing states without judgement and I found myths has the capacity to hold the human paradox.

It was the works of C. Jung and B. Bettelheim that had a profound impact on me and rekindled my childhood love for fairy tales. Most importantly, they confirmed, academically, the power stories have on our psyche. My passion for stories led me to Dartmoor where I studied a year long course in Western mythology and Story Telling with The School of Myth.

I see humans as borrowers from nature, not only land and resources, but also patterns of behaviour. We are in a continuous conversation with our inner otherness, our relationships and with our environment. This conversation is often challenging and brings conflict. 

Following my fascination with conflict and the work of Arnold Mindell, I enrolled on a nine month facilitation course with the Processwork Institute in UK. The course taught me to work with conflict and how to include my own disturbing patterns.

The Open Floor teacher training gives me a ground on which I am able to practice this knowledge in an embodied way, a map to guide my mind, and a community to support me

I understand that despite the different paths we all follow, we reach that point of “The foul rag and bone shop of the heart”, that unforgettable image created by Yeats. We are called to a certain awakening of our authentic self. We no longer discriminate the parts of us we dislike, we accept there is learning in them and welcome with curiosity our inner and outer conflicts. And as long as our awareness is enriched and encouraged, we have a chance to love, to be loved and have a heartfelt existence.



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