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The horses in the Ink

The Horses in the Ink is a movement and writing exploration. 

A safe space and an opportunity for 

body sensations, e-motions, words, stories, beliefs and inspirations to emerge. 

You don’t have to be a dancer or a writer. 

We begin with movement, then we pick up the pen and let our souls dictate. 

We dig into the ground of our inner landscape. 

We call back what we have sent to exile,

with compassion for the wonky, and love to the messy.

We dive into the source of our own darkness with humbleness and compassion.

Shyness is not encouraged but when it comes, we acknowledge and support it.

We don’t judge, we face our judgements. 

Poetry in Motion

 We move, we write, we share.The first class will be supported by the core movement resource of Ground.


Monday mornings 


from 18th of March-29th of April


A one time booking of

£70 for the six sessions 

£35 for Open Floor Teachers in Training


To book your place get in touch with Villy.
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