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Moved to Write

Moved to Write is a drop in online movement and writing exploration. A safe space and an opportunity for 

body sensations, e-motions, words, stories, beliefs and inspirations to emerge. 

You don’t have to be a dancer or a writer

We begin with movement, then we pick up the pen and write from the heart. 

We dig into the ground of our inner soulscape. 

We call back what we have sent to exile, with compassion for the wonky,

and love to the messy. We don’t judge, we face our judgements.

We dive into the source of our own creativity with humbleness and compassion,

we make the invisible visible


Poetry in Motion

What happens: we move, we write, we read to each other.

Where does it happen: on zoom, I play music, we mo, then we come to the screen and write.

Who with: a group of maximum 9 people who like to create space for their authenticity, writers who seek inspiration, dancers who love to write, and anyone willing to show up.

What supports us: The Open Floor map, the music, and the love for being true to ourselves.


"I would highly recommend this experience with Villy..she brings her love of music, movement and the written word together and offers such rich poetic space to explore and to touch in on this miracle we all live..

What stayed with me is the particular magic and texture of each voice, the intimacy and beauty that was created, the deep listening..the echoes..

Really rich and gently healing"

Jo K.

"Thank you for your deep, beautifully build classes. I accessed parts of me that had never had a voice before."

Tamara L. 


Monday mornings 

 9.30am-11am BST

20th of May

17th of June

*Closed weekly groups will  continue again from September.



£15 per session  

Don't let money stop you doing what love! Email me and we can make it work!


To book your place get in touch with Villy.
tel: 0044 7540342252
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