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I deeply value the work I do and I am a firm believer that money are just one way of honouring the exchange of energy and care we provide for each other. They seem to be the most common way in our society and the one that seems to work best for now.


To come to this stage of my life and my practice as a homeopath I have undergone a vast amount of learning and money have made it possible to pay for training and buy books.


In that sense, I believe that money are innocent, it is what we spend our money that creates the positive or negative myth around them.

I understand that we are all in a very different stage in our lives regarding our relationship with money and that some would happily pay £55 for a consultation, and others are not always in the position to afford these money.


I also believe that if we have ideas, desires and dreams to better our health, our future and our well being, we should never let the lack of money stop us of doing so.


Therefore I encourage anyone who is not in a position to pay the full fees for the consultation to contact me and discuss a concession with me.


I am a member of the time bank and I am interested in exchange of therapies and time when and wherever appropriate.

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